Natural Home (2016)

Hankkeessa Kalajoen ja Transilvanian partiolaiset tutustuivat toistensa luontoon, ympäristöön, luonnonsuojeluun, metsän antimiin ja elinkeinomahdollisuuksiin Kalajoella ja Kuusamossa. Hankerahoitus tuli Erasmus+ -ohjelmasta


Tässä hankkeen tuloksena syntynyt lausunto osallistuneilta nuorilta:

There is a very good conservation system in Finland at the moment and most are aware of nature conservation. But it is put in every day action more now.
We experienced, that clear environment is the most important to keep our healthy lifestyle, so we must work for it: to protect clearness; to incorporate nature conservation in human laws and we have to protect our nature now, because we have to think of the next generation as well.

We must leave this globe healthy to the next generation and realize, that it depends how we take care of the nature.
We have to learn to keep the nature in its own original state, not to destroy, not to smash, because also we and our children will live in this environment
We must EDUCATE kids as early as possible about how to keep the environment clean.. As scouts we can do bigger projects together, like happenings.
How can we do it?
To put in practice human laws about nature conservation, to have real consequence if they don not comply the rules.

– Hiking in natural trails
– replace fallen trees with new plants and trees
– to apply more and more protected area,
– try to produce environmentally friendly products
– not to leave any trash behind
– greenhouse program

”Do not hurt the tree, because it feels” (Hungarian poet)

With outdoor activities we strengthen our health, our love for nature, and we get closer to our environment and each other.

We would like to organize and take part in projects like this was, because this is a great way to learn from different cultures and get new friends. It is also a good and safe way to travel and participate. Good way to encourage is to tell others your own experiences.
We recruit youngsters from our village and from nearest residence to encourage them to take part in similar camps, because here we can learn about other people´s culture, we can build new friendships, relationships, and with all of them we can guide the world into a better way of life.


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