About Rieska-Leader

Rieska-Leader ry was established in 1996 so it is one of the oldest Lags in Finland.

We have 7 municipalities and our budget was about 6 500 000 € for the period of 2023-2027.

Our board has 10 members in it, from municipality stakeholders to entrepreneurs or association representatives. One of our board members is always a youngster, under 25 years.

Read about our current strategy here

LAG Rieska-Leader

Our Funds

Next to the usual Leader-funds we also hand out smaller funds for businesses (Business Leader), associations (Community Leader) and youngsters (Youth Leader)

Read more about the Youth Leader-fund and our Youth board here:

Youth counsil and youth action group

International Work

We have always been active in international cooperation, working on various projects with other European Leader groups relating to women´s businesses (Poland), hobby theaters (Ireland), youth involvement (Scotland) or immigrant integration (Sweden, Germany, Austria).

We also apply for Erasmus+ projects with group of youngsters from our area and host and send volunteers via the European Solidarity Corps.

Follow our current Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project between Romania and Finland

My Sustainable Future

You can also watch our videos with our sent and hosted volunteers via our Youtube-channel

Rieska-Leader – YouTube

Ongoing TNC-Projects