Fresh and local food - competitive advantages in rural areas

In this transnational cooperation project four LEADER-regions worked together on how fresh and local food can be competitive advantages in rural areas. What are the do’s and dont‘s in increasing the sales and supply of local food? The regions excdhange best (and worst) practices on forms of cooperation between producers, logistics, revenue systems, awareness (both with producers and consumers), marketing and product development. Goal of the cooperation was to provide inspiration for the producers and for the local development strategies of the LEADER-regions.

Project info

  • Involved in the project: LAG Kulturlandschaft Ahaus-Heek-Legden (Saksa, Germany), LAG Zuidwest Twente (Hollanti, Netherlands), Rieska-Leader and Keskipiste-Leader
  • Project time: 2021-2022

Fresh and Local Food in english

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